​We offer Introduction classes at our dedicated facility in Plymouth MI as well as offsite through the Ann Arbor Rec and Ed and Novi Parks and Recreation. 

These courses consisting of 4-weekly sessions and will teach the basics of modern Olympic fencing. Fencing is a physically and mentally demanding sport that improves speed, agility, and reflexes. Fencers use their mind and body to overcome their adversary while learning to apply problem solving skills under pressure.

Equipment is provided and the cost of the course is $100.

Beginner Class

These classes are geared toward fencers who have completed an introduction course or have prior fencing experience. This class meets for 60 minutes once per week. Class will include games for physical development, improvement of essential footwork, introduction to more advanced tactics and blade work, drilling and bouting. Fencers will be introduced to electronic scoring and bouting using same system seen at the Olympics. Students may schedule private lessons at this time accelerate their development to prepare them for intermediate or competitive classes.

Intermediate/Teen Class

This class is geared for fencers who graduated from Beginning Foil. Class meets for 90mins 1-2x per week. Class emphasizes bouting tactics and improvement of technique. With a focus on drilling and bouting with electrical equipment. Fencers will continue to learn the rules of the sport while including games for physical development and team building. Fencers are expected to purchase their own dry equipment (mask, jacket, plastron, glove, chest protector, and dry foil) as well as encouraged to purchase their own electrical equipment.

Fencers will have the opportunity to compete at selected local and regional competitions and may also schedule private lessons and/or attend open bouting sessions once they have demonstrated a good understanding of basic tactics and right of way to the coaching staff. 


This is a competitive program with an emphasis on preparation for regional and national level fencing.

Students will further improve their footwork and blade work and will expand their knowledge of tactics and techniques. This will allow the fencers to master skills that they learned in the beginning and intermediate program and transfer them to competitive bouting. The program consists of class 3x weekly with additional bouting and private lessons strongly recommended. 

This course is by coach invitation only

Private Lessons

These are 20-30 minute one on one sessions scheduled directly with the coach. They are helpful to fencers at any level but mandatory for any fencer looking to compete regionally and nationally.


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