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Students will not attend class if experiencing any COVID symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat).


AAFC has purchased a HEPA air purification system that will cycle through the facility in <60minutes.


Students and spectators will conduct temperature checks when entering the facility.


Hand sanitizer has been purchased by AAFC and is available for use in  the facility.


Masks must be worn at all times by students and spectators.


Spectator seating will be limited to maintain social distancing.


AAFC will offer a variety of different classes and will limit class sizes to maintain appropriate distancing.


Social Distancing will be observed during class discussion, warm-ups, physicals, games, footwork and wall target practice.


Students may be within 6ft for drills and bouting, but will be divided into smaller pods to limit contact.


There will be no shared equipment; Club Gear will be sanitized after each use.

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